Dengue Death Rate by Country

Dengue Death Rate by Country
According to the latest WHO data published in 2017;
Dengue Death Rate by Country, total deaths by cause, Dengue Cause of Death for every country in the world.


per 100,000 population LOW HIGH
Country Rate Deaths (%)
1 Indonesia Indonesia 3.23 8,146 (0.48%)
3 India India 1.83 20,232 (0.23%)
Country Rate
4 PhilippinesPhilippines 1.78
5 SurinameSuriname 1.56
6 Trinidad/Tob.Trinidad/Tob. 1.43
7 Sri LankaSri Lanka 1.19
9 MaldivesMaldives 0.96
10 Dominican Rep.Dominican Rep. 0.90
19 BarbadosBarbados 0.46

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Health Data used is WHO 2014, 2017 updates, World Bank and the United Nations for population.
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